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No inflated prices. Only conversions and KPIs

Who are we?

We are the ones who created and set up advertising for you in large agencies. Now we want to work with you directly

Stages of work

At any stage of work, you will be aware of the work being done and will be able to control the process
Having received access to analytics systems from you, we analyze past advertising campaigns, identifying errors and shortcomings
We prepare a media plan for you, in which we indicate options for effective placements that will help you achieve your goals
After agreement, we create for you advertising cabinets in which an advertising campaign will be implemented. We create ads in the offices and send them for approval
After approval, we launch an advertising campaign. And we begin to optimize it, getting the first results
Within the agreed time frame, we provide you with convenient reporting on the progress of the advertising campaign and the results obtained.
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We do not have a physical office, so our prices are lower than those of our competitors.

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